JR224: Chemosynthetic life in the Antarctic


Cruise diary

Sunday 18 January 2009
Location: In transit towards South Georgia Island (52º43.52S - 50º35.35'W)

Across the Polar Front

During the night between Sunday 18 and Monday 19 we crossed the Polar Front. This is a boundary where two water masses meet: the more salty and warmer water from the north meets the less salty and colder water from the Southern Ocean...and, if the weather is calm, the boundary can be seen with the naked eye! This means that, when we crossed the Polar Front, we went from a temperate environment to a polar one, which you can feel very easily by going out on deck...if the air temperature was cool yesterday, it is cold today! And the same is true for the surface seawater, which has being going down from the 9ºC we had in Falklands to 7ºC on the way and now only 5ºC as we have crossed the Polar Front!



The JCR track from Falklands during 17 and 18 January

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