JR224: Chemosynthetic life in the Antarctic


Cruise diary

Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 January 2009
Location: Southern Ocean (56ºS / 33ºW)

End of survey in the first study area and transit to the second study area

The survey of the first study area (E2) in the northern part of the East Scotia Ridge was completed successfully on Wednesday night, with good plume signals detected and the location of the potential hydrothermal vents narrowed down to a relatively small area for video exploration. We conducted a SHRIMP survey of the seabed in the area and we look forward to come with the ROV for further exploration and sampling next year!

On Thursday, we spent the night swathing along the axis on our way to the south study area (E2). This will provide the data to make good bathymetric maps that we can then use for the exploration with the CTD and SHRIMP. On the way to the southern end of the East Scotia Ridge, we stopped in two other ridge segments (E5 and E8) to conduct single CTD casts in two spots were previous cruises had detected plume signals. Unfortunately, this time we did not pick up those signals, so we moved on toward E9.

Thursday night was also a good night, as it was Sarah and Eva's birthday! After dinner, as there was no work excluding the swath bathymetry survey, many of us met in the bar for a few drinks and a lovely cake that Jamie and Ash had baked for us! Ana lit the candles, we all sang happy birthday and Sarah and I blew the candles and cut the cake. It was delicious. Thank you to our cooks on board!

Deploying SHRIMP in the Southern Ocean

SHRIMP control room: biologists Ana and Paul and SHRIMP pilot Pete observing the seafloor on the SHRIMP monitors.


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