18th July - 6th August 2003

Welcome to the online diary for the Carlsberg Ridge cruise

Use the links below to find out more about the cruise, the scientific team and the science carried out on board RRS Charles Darwin. The Daily Diary gives a day-by-day account of all the activities on board the ship, so you can follow the science as it happens.

Latest news...read all about it!
About the cruise
Where are we?
What are we doing here?
Meet the team
Who's who in the scientific team on board the ship...
Daily Diary
A day-by-day account of
events aboard the ship
Question time
Got a question for one of the scientists?
Email them on board the ship!
What is the Carlsberg Ridge?
Find out more about mid ocean ridges, mantle plumes and hotspots...
All the pictures from the cruise

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