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Sunday 3rd August 2003

Dave writes...

"Hello all. There is not much going on today. So I will give a big shout out to Pete Botevyle and Graham Luckhurst as I have not heard from them for some considerable time, but have received emails from them both in the past 24hrs. It really brightens up the day when you get unexpected messages, so keep them coming.

The science staff are currently processing/cleaning up the raw data and filling in the cruise report.

Erm, just been reading The Friday Irregular (TFIr) website, which is a news and interest page circulated to ships and stuff. It turns out that this very website is the website of the week. It’s good to receive some adulation. I’d like to thank my parents…… and Simon Lamont, I have enjoyed reading TFIr..."

Tina writes...

One of the flying fish that land on deck

"We are steaming through the water now, at about 8 knots, making good progress at last. There are still a few flying fish every night that need throwing back in the water: apparently they fly faster and higher when there is a predator (like a shark) around.

Being able to 'see' the structure of the ocean floor, using Simrad multibeam echo sounding in real time (the EM12), has made an enormous difference to the quality of the dredging we have done. It has enabled the team to locate sonar targets and direct sampling specifically at relevant features. During the cruise we have had an expert from the manufacturer Konsberg Maritime on board (Geir Skogen from Norway). He has been training the IT technicians to use the system, as well as ironing out any problems with getting bathymetry data for dredge sites. Tim LeBas has been able to make wonderfully clear diagrams and moving video clips, projected on to our big screen in our 'CapComm' main lab. It makes you feel as if you are taking a guided tour at the bottom of the sea!"

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