Cruise gallery

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The scientific team and ship's crew

Rex, Sophie and Andy
Tina with Sophie and Tim
Dave on deck
Liz the IT specialist
Carla in the lab
The team in the main lab Dave's new look AB Ian Tohmson on a break
Bram and the Captain talking tactics Bram and Sophie discussing the logs Bram, Geir and Sopihe looking at SIMRAD data Sophie washing and sorting the dredge haul
Phil the winch man on duty Rex and Bram (The Terminators?) Tina at 6am Sophie mending nets
Rex has good sealegs The Master, Keith Avery Andy: Not ill and not camera-shy Chris Hunter & Robin Brown
Geraint enjoying his early-morning coffee fix Captain Keith Avery on deck Tina relaxing in the bar Lt Chetty, Seychelles observer
Dave: hoping for a career in modelling Andy posing as Blofeld, infamous baddie from the Bond films

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Local scenery

Activities on deck

Life on board RRS Charles Darwin

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