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Life on board RRS Charles Darwin

View through cabin porthole Top bunk!
Crew taking a break
Tina on deck before breakfast
Dave and Andy waiting for a glimpse of another ship Knot-tying has become a popular pastime on board - as Andy demonstrates Tina's mug: a casualty at Waypoint 13 Keith Avery (Captain) and Phil (Chief Officer) on the bridge
Bram enjoying the sunshine Dave: like a coiled spring on watch John, the ship's chef Tuesday's dinner
Phil and Sopihe battle it out Late night gambling Andy and Geraint's birthday celebrations The cruise T-shirt
Flying fish frequently land on the deck Bram surveys his empire Team relaxing on deck

Repairs to the load cell on starboard gantry


The F’o’c’sle

Monkey Island The main engine room Jet at the controls
Not a sweetie machine - ear protectors Desalination plant Main propellor shaft Chris enjoys a cream tea

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Local scenery

Scientific team and ship's crew

Activities on deck

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