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All the pictures from the cruise...

Activities on deck

Crew fixing the CTD load cell Dredging in bad weather Rex and Bram discuss breakfast Dredge haul arriving on deck
Exhausted after 3 hours' dredging Equipment monitors in lab Night-time dredging
Night-time CTD deployment
Large lump of pillow lava brought up in the dredge Dave updating the ship's log

Stuart, Sophie & Robin (right) attaching the net

Bleached volcanic rocks
Above: Bob, Phil and Dave waiting for the next dredge Bob and Sopihe repairing the bongo net
Getting wet: a regular hazard whilst working on the back deck!
Precious haul of rocks from the dredge

Judge Dredge: 12-4 shift
(l-r Andy, Stu and Rob).

Example of the images we get from the EM12 multibeam Navigation monitor in the main lab

‘Tiny’ Pook (CPO Deck), maintenance on vents.

Bob (Bosun’s mate) cleaning paintwork

Has anyone seen Sophie?

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Local scenery

Scientific team and ship's crew

Life on board RRS Charles Darwin

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