Did you know???

Here are some amazing facts about the seafloor...

The longest continuous chain of volcanoes is under the sea...
the mid ocean ridge system stretches for 56,000km around the planet!

Around 20km3 of new oceanic crust is created every year
The deepest place in the ocean is in the MarianasTrench in the Pacific -
around 11,000m below sea level - that's deeper than Mount Everest is tall!
The first hydrothermal vent was discovered in 1977 near the Galapagos Islands
Vent worms living around hydrothermal vents have no mouths or stomachs -
they rely on chemosynthetic bacteria to supply the energy they need
The theory of seafloor spreading wasn't developed until 1962
Seafloor spreading along the Mid Atlantic Ridge means that Iceland gets wider by
about 2cm every year
Fluid spewing out of hydrothermal vents can reach temperatures of 380ºC
It has taken 150 million years for the Atlantic Ocean to reach its present size -
pretty good, considering it started as a crack in a continent!
The temperature in the centre of the Earth is around 6650ºC

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