Who's who...

There are 8 scientists on board RRS Charles Darwin for the duration of the Carlsberg Ridge cruise. Find out who they are and what they do...

The team! From the back left: Chris Hunter, Andy Milton, David Clifford, Robin Brown, Paul Duncan, Tim Lebas
Middle row: Tina Hayes, Carla Sands, Sophie Pendlebury, Liz Rourke, Cap. Keith Avery (final cruise before retirement), Rex Taylor, Jeff Benson,
Front row: Geir Skogen, Bramley Murton

Dr Bramley Murton, co-Chief Scientist

Bram is the scientist in charge of the cruise. He researches hydrothermal activity and igneous geochemistry and is based at Challenger Division in SOC.

Dr Rex Taylor, co-Chief Scientist

Rex is an isotope geochemist from the School of Ocean and Earth Science at SOC. He is a specialist in mantle evolution and basalt genesis.

Dr Andy Milton

Andy is an isotope geochemist from SOES, and is an expert on microanalytical geochemistry.

Tina Hayes

Tina is a geochemistry technician, and works alongside Rex and Andy at SOC. She helps students and researchers from all over the world separate and purify geological samples, using a range of chemical techniques

Dr Tim Le Bas

Tim is a sonar geophysicist from Challenger Division at SOC. He is an expert in seafloor data visualisation, and will be in charge of collecting and interpreting the multibeam bathymetry data which will be used to help guide the sampling activities.

David Clifford

David is a PhD student at the School of Ocean and Earth Science (SOC), working alongside Rex Taylor. He specialises in petrology, and has just graduated from the University of Leicester.

Carla Sands

Carla is a PhD student at SOC, studying the geochemistry of seawater around hydrothermal vents.

Sophie Pendlebury

Sophie is a marine biology PhD student at SOC, specialising in biological ecosystems around hydrothermal vents. She will be investigating the weird and wonderful creatures living around the vents on the Carlsberg Ridge.

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