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Beyond the Ash Cloud

Oceanographers and crew of the UK’s research ship RRS Discovery, invite you on a virtual journey to experience life on the cutting edge of modern oceanographic and atmospheric science.  
Between July 4 and August 11, 2010, we will be reporting from the RRS Discovery on the challenges and rewards of life at sea, during the second ‘High Latitude North Atlantic’ cruise.  We will visit the Irminger and Iceland Basins, which are situated in the sub-polar North Atlantic (ocean region south of Iceland and east of Greenland).

Forget about getting wet and seasick, and take a look at what the team is up to.

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2009 summer cruise season gets underway!10th November 2009, 10:47 AM

The NOCS summer cruise season 2009 kicks off with a short survey cruise to the Whittard Canyon aboard RRS James Cook (cruise JC35), followed by a longer investigation of the biology and geological processes active in the canyon (cruise JC36). The James Cook will be armed with all manner of high-tech ewquipment, including TOBI and the ROV Isis - catch up with the latest from the cruise blogs!.

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C@S inspires poster competition10th November 2009, 12:35 PM

All Hallows Catholic High School in Macclesfield, UK have run a competition revolving around environment protection and in particular marine life and the deep sea. Students entering the competition had to study the Classroom@Sea project and complete a questionnaire about what they found on the website. Following the questionnaire, pupils designed a poster that reflected what they had learned. Bethan Clayton from Year 7 produced the most thorough and best illustrated poster, pictured left (click on image to see an larger version). Well done, Bethan!

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JC10: Leg 1 underway10th November 2009, 12:36 PM

The RRS James Cook set sail on the first leg of the JC10 cruise on 14 May. On board are school teachers Gillian McGahan and Eduard Mayol, who will be working as part of the scientific team and reporting their experiences to the classrom@Sea website. Gillian teaches science at the Downs School in Berkhsire, while Eduard teaches at the Escola Esperança in Barcelona, Spain. This leg of the cruise will investigate mud volcanoes and fluid flow in the Gulf of Cadiz - an area famous for its cold seeps and mud volcanoes. The cruise is part of the EC-funded HERMES project.

Catch up with the latest news from the James Cook on the JC10 webpages.

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JC10: Teachers join scientists for an 8-week epic!10th November 2009, 12:36 PM

Six teachers have been recruited to join an international team of scientists aboard the RRS James Cook during an 8-week eipc mission around the European Atlantic margin. Gillian McGahan, Eduard Mayol, Helen Candy, Virginia Martins, Tina Hedger and Richard Ingram will each spend between two and three weeks on board the ship as part of the science party, helping out with the sampling and experiencing life on board a research vessel. Led by NOCS Phil Weaver, the cruise will be split into three legs. The first leg will visit the mud volcanoes, the second leg will investigate submarine canyons offshore Portugal, and the third leg will study canyons offshore Ireland. For more details on the progress of the cruise, including daily diaries go to the JC10 webpages.

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JC007: Searching for lost crust in the Atlantic!

JR157: ROV Isis undertakes her first mission - in the chilly waters of Antarctica!

CD166: Investigating underwater avalanches offshore Morocco

Work starts in earnest...

They're off!

Cruise preparations get under way...

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