Ocean and Earth Science Poster collection

Earth is a planet of constant change and conflict, driven by powerful natural physical forces hidden from human eyes. The study of ocean and earth sciences is critical to our understanding of the processes that shape our planet as a whole, and the environment around us.

Four posters were designed and put together by pupils at St Anne's School, Southampton with the help of postgraduate research students from the School of Ocean and Earth Science at Southampton Oceanography Centre. The posters address various aspects of natural processes: their driving forces, how they work, the effects they have on humankind, and how they can be disrupted by man’s activities.

These posters have been adapted to view on the web, and are accompanied by downloadable classroom handouts in Adobe .pdf format. Just click on one of the titles below to view the poster and access the handout material.

Raging Planet: a study of volcanoes and plate tectonics in the past, present and future;

Ocean Food Chains: how the fishing industry depends on microscopic creatures in the ocean;

Ocean Circulation: tides, waves and the oceanic conveyor belt made simple!

Greenhouse Oceans: causes and effects of climate change explained.

2,000 sets of our posters have been distributed free of charge to schools and educational centres around the world. Due to their popularity, we have now run out of posters, but you can still view them on this website by clicking on one of titles above.

Pleased with your set of posters? Then please tell us! Finding the resources to produce materials for schools is much easier if we know they are useful, pitched at the right level and in demand!

Publication of these posters is partly sponsored by the EU-funded FP5 research project EUROSTRATAFORM.

Updated 6 February 2007